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The ugly side of Oral Sex

File Photo   Sometimes, out of the huge excitement that characterises sex or the zeal to explore their sexuality, people go beyond the normal sexual intercourse or foreplay and they try out other things that could make the experience a great one. One of such things people do for a ...

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6 Things You Should NEVER Do When You Have a UTI

…What you should do instead! If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection, you know they are their own special kind of hell. And considering one in five women gets a UTI at least once in her life, according to the National Kidney Foundation, chances are your ticket will get ...

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5 naughty tips to get your lover into bed for orgasmic sex

The penis, nipples and vagina all ‘enlarge’ when aroused. The penis gets bigger and the vagina expands for it while the nipples get taught because of the blood rush. If you feel you’re lacking the right amount of sex in your relationship, you need to do something about it quickly. ...

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