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Kenyan prostitutes now issue receipts for sex

Commercial sex workers in Kenya have now decided to upgrade their games by issuing receipts for sex they offer men.

Prostitutes in Kenya

In a bid to upgrade their game and compete favourably with their counterparts in other countries, commercial sex workers in Kenya have moved up a notch by issuing receipts for their services.

A Kenyan journalist who posted the story on his blog, claims that these days, the prostitutes have decided to go digital, with many of them advertising their services on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Apart from displaying their services while trying to outdo one another, they have also upgraded to issuing receipts in a bid to stay on top of their game and to make sure their clients pay up what was agreed upon.

Sample of the receipt that a prostitute issued to her customer after they had a sex romp.

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