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Court grants divorce to woman who sued over size of hubby’s manhood too BIG.

Court grants divorce to woman who sued over size of hubby's manhood too BIG.

NIGERIA: ZAMFARA State house wife Aisha Dannupawa has been granted a divorce by a local Sharia court after filing a suit against her husband for dissolution of their marriage because his manhood was too BIG. In the first such case of its kind, Aisha, a mother of three, asked the ...

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Man drinks battery water after catching wife with lover


A 40-year-old man, Reggies Chiyanike, is now battling for his life after he took car battery water upon discovering his wife with a lover. It was reported that this is the second time that Chiyanike was consuming battery water after discovering his wife’s infidelity. According to iHarare, Chiyanike’s wife cheating is well known ...

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Having sex in car not a crime, Nigeria Police affirm

The Nigeria Police Force says it is not a crime to have sex in one’s car. The police, however, said it could be considered a crime if one has sex with an underage person; or if the car is parked in a religious institution when the act takes place. The ...

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Young Lady Narrates How She Saved Her Cheating Boss From Being Caught By Her Husband

A Nigerian lady, with the Twitter handle, @asikiyageorge54, took to her page, moments ago, to narrate how she saved her cheating boss from being caught red-handed by her husband. According to her, one fateful day, her boss was on a rendezvous with her BF in her office when her husband ...

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The ugly side of Oral Sex

File Photo   Sometimes, out of the huge excitement that characterises sex or the zeal to explore their sexuality, people go beyond the normal sexual intercourse or foreplay and they try out other things that could make the experience a great one. One of such things people do for a ...

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10 Sex Positions To Try If You’re Sick Of Missionary

You don’t need to be an athlete to pull these off. There’s more to life than missionary! If you’re experiencing boredom in the bedroom, sometimes simply changing positions can be enough to make things between you and your partner feel electric again. Don’t worry: We’re not asking you to perform ...

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7 Sex Positions That Are More Fun Than Doggy Style

Score all the benefits of doing it from behind, without getting down on all fours. Ladies and gents love doing it doggy style. And though the name leaves a lot to be desired (seriously, who came up with that?), this position offers up lots of benefits so you get the ...

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‘Any man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed’ – Counselor Lutterodt

Okay ooo.. this one is a new theory! Controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor, George Lutterodt, in a new bombshell statement has said that any man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed. Lutterodt disclosed this in a recent interview with Kasapa FM. According to him, ‘beautiful women’ are not usually very ...

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All Your Questions About Squirting, Finally Answered

Like, is it pee? For many of us, female ejaculation is the number one urban legend of sexual experiences. We’ve all heard the stories about that friend of a friend who goes off like a sprinkler system. So what’s a girl gotta do to get in on the action? Although ...

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4 Fascinating Changes That Happen to Your Lady Bits During Sex

Your body really is a wonderland. Surprise! Your boobs get bigger when you have sex! That’s right, long before Victoria was pedaling her “secrets,” Mother Nature was giving breast enhancements to any woman getting busy. You get bigger boobs; you get bigger boobs; you get bigger boobs! Impressed? Well, we’re ...

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