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8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Using Lube

♫ Let’s talk about lube, baby. ♫ Lube can fill a myriad of needs—whether that’s keeping the engine revving a little longer during a marathon sex-binge, making things a little bit more slippery, or introducing you to some new kinds of fun. Bottom line, lube is pretty fantastic. If you ...

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How do I resume sex after years of abstaining?

My marriage broke up after nine years and I haven’t slept with any man since I got divorced three years ago. I’ve had offers of dates from men and I think this is the time to go on a proper date. My problem is that I’m frightened of having sex. ...

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How often should couples have sex?

For the newly married, sex is almost unpredictable, as the frequent, spontaneous sex that happens in honeymoon and during the subsequent weeks after marriage is said to be the new couple’s ways of getting to know each other and adjusting to their new status. For older couples, however, the situation ...

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How to stay erect enough for sex

If you are in good health, you should not be having erection problems. However, you may sometimes suffer from performance anxiety. In other words, you may be worried about pleasing her, being good in bed, and getting erect. When any of these enters into the bargain, then you may be ...

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