Monday , April 6 2020

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“I’m Dating Someone My Boss Dated”

Brittany (not her real name) was feeling good when she walked into work one day several months ago—so much so that her boss, Lisa (also not her real name), asked her why she had a grin plastered on her face. “She said, ‘Oh my God, who is he?'” Brittany told ...

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3 Conversations That Are Actually OK to Have Via Text

Conventional wisdom says to have important conversations with your S.O. face-to-face to avoid miscommunication. But sometimes, having to respond to everything instantaneously can keep you from responding thoughtfully—and this can actually make communication with your partner more prone to misunderstandings. So here are a few conversations that you officially have ...

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11 great hairstyles for this season

Want to know which hairstyles, cuts and colors are hot right now? Then this is exactly where you need to be. Whether you’re looking for a total transformation or just a little layering for your hair. Everywhere you turn this season you see different kinds of hairstyles and some of ...

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