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How to stay erect enough for sex

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If you are in good health, you should not be having erection problems. However, you may sometimes suffer from performance anxiety. In other words, you may be worried about pleasing her, being good in bed, and getting erect.

When any of these enters into the bargain, then you may be unable to sustain erection to last you through the sex act.

So, how do you stay erect enough for mind-boggling sex? According to sex researcher at Indiana University, Dr. Debby Herbenick …

• Engage in the kinds of foreplay that you truly enjoy and find exciting/arousing.

• If you are using a condom, ensure that it feels comfortable on your penis. Ill-fitting condoms can decrease sensation to a man’s penis or make it feel uncomfortable or restricted. If your condom feels tight or low on sensation, consider condoms that are roomier along the shaft.

• If the condom is too big and you’re worried it will slip off, try a snugly-fitting condom instead.

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• As much as possible, avoid “performance enhancing” condoms. They are supposed to help you last longer, but in most cases, they sometimes contain numbing agents in order to help decrease sensation and thus help men last longer. However, for a small percentage of men, they can contribute to much less sensation and eventual erection loss.

• Always psyche yourself up before the D-Day! In other words, in your mind, walk yourself through the whole experience of kissing your girlfriend, making out for a while, taking off each other’s clothes, making out some more, doing the exciting foreplay things you both enjoy, putting a condom on, making out some more and then having intercourse with your hard and reliable erection.

• Try adding a little lubrication! If your girlfriend is nervous, it can make her muscles tighten up and make her less likely to lubricate on her own. If you’re using a condom, ask her to add water-based lubrication on top of the condom once it’s already on your penis. Having her add lubricating gel to your condom-covered penis can enhance sensation and can be a fun, arousing part of foreplay. It can also make penetration easier, which can help guys to maintain their

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• Relax. Just consider it doable, and you will achieve it. It takes most people a little practice and trial and error, like learning any new skill. So, relax, breathe deeply, if you catch yourself trash talking yourself then tell your inner critic to hush, and rev yourself up the way you would for anything important. Tell yourself that you’re awesome, she’s into you, sex will be great and you can kick back and enjoy.

• And then enjoy every moment, knowing that it truly does get better and get better.

Adapted from: The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions


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