True Confession: ‘Help: My husband has impregnated my niece’

got my niece pregnant

Dear Editor, My name is Bimbo, a 32-year-old woman who has been married for the past eight years but as I write this in tears, my marriage is about to collapse because my husband, Wole, impregnated my 17-year-old niece. I have always known that Wole has been cheating even before we got married but ...

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Man drinks battery water after catching wife with lover


A 40-year-old man, Reggies Chiyanike, is now battling for his life after he took car battery water upon discovering his wife with a lover. It was reported that this is the second time that Chiyanike was consuming battery water after discovering his wife’s infidelity. According to iHarare, Chiyanike’s wife cheating is well known ...

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NYSC and the Romping Mindset

  It’s obvious researchers are yet to carry out what really travels through the mind of the fresh graduates going for their three weeks orientation camp; because if they do, the result evidently won’t be encouraging. It just seems as if cultured personality,sense of reasoning and discipline are absolutely wiped ...

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