Saturday , December 14 2019
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10 Tips For Talking Dirty When You Don’t Even Know Where To Start

Uhh…you look sexy? Talking dirty always seems so easy in the movies (or porn for that matter), but actually putting it into practice…yeah not so much. “What should I say? How should I say it? I’m too awkward for this!” Embracing dirty talk can improve your relationship: “Sexual arousal happens ...

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some women may not experience orgasm

It’s been suggested that one in every four women will have problems reaching orgasm at some stage in their life, and 25-35 percent may never have experienced orgasm before. It is not uncommon for women to have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse. In fact, an estimated 70 percent of women ...

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7 Fascinating Facts About The Hymen (a.k.a. The Cherry)

The hymen—the small lining of tissue that partially covers the vaginal opening—is practically synonymous with a slew of lady-part myths: You’re not a virgin if you’ve popped your “cherry”! You’ll bleed the first time you have s*x! Remember those from back in the day? Sigh. It’s time to get the ...

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Why Some Women Hate Receiving Oral Sex

Some women do not understand what is so great about it and they would rather their partners not go down there. The internet and media in general has sensationalized oral sex. They have made it seem like it is the holy grail for women. They make it look like it ...

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