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How long should sex really last? The answer may surprise you

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Different people have their different opinions on how long sex should last to be considered sufficient, but what exactly should be the criteria for measuring this? The answer is simpler than you think. While a lot of people would consider 10 minutes or more to be good enough, some other ...

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After 13-years of marriage, what woman found out about her husband will shock you

After being married for 13-years, a 42-year-old man identified as Collins, recently walked out of his marriage after his wife discovered that he is gay. According to the Standard News, Collins was reported to have been living with his wife and two kids in Hurlingam, Nairobi, Kenya had one walked ...

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Why Do Few Women Comment On Sexual Pleasure?

I am not so crazy as to approach just any random woman on the subject of sex. I know that most women will be irreversibly offended even at the mention of sex. So I choose women who appear to be fairly liberated and then I approach the subject tangentially. Of ...

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6 Assuring Things ALL Single People Need To Hear

Nigerians have this bad attitude that annoys me, when they ask you about your relationship status and you tell them you’re single they start to look at you with pity as if you just told them your mum died and your house burnt. You could be a billionaire who just ...

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9 major things you should never do to please your woman

Benefits of Love and Sex

People express love in different ways; some men particularly are over expressive. An attribute many Nigerian girls find annoying. Men who are like that are usually emotional and perceived to be weaklings. As much as one could never fully understand the affairs of the heart and the kind of people ...

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Basic things Nigerian men find unattractive in women

Nigerian men have specifications when it comes to women; it is not out of place to see men who have certain things in mind when it comes to the type of women they love to date. Some would stay off short women while some would never date women who are ...

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How to Tell a Friend That You Don’t Support Her Engagement

In the next few months, wedding season kicks off. Some of us have RSVP’d to weddings we’d rather not attend because, frankly, we don’t support the union. Realistically, few of us will speak up when the officiant asks us to, “Speak now, or forever hold your peace.” But is it ...

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I Took My Wife’s Last Name—and Then We Got a Divorce

Mark L. Kemp wasn’t always Mark L. Kemp. Before that, he was Mark Layten. But a few years after becoming a stay-at-home dad, he decided to change his last name to match the one his wife and children used. Then, 10 years later, he and his wife divorced. Kemp kept ...

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“I’m Dating Someone My Boss Dated”

Brittany (not her real name) was feeling good when she walked into work one day several months ago—so much so that her boss, Lisa (also not her real name), asked her why she had a grin plastered on her face. “She said, ‘Oh my God, who is he?'” Brittany told ...

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3 Conversations That Are Actually OK to Have Via Text

Conventional wisdom says to have important conversations with your S.O. face-to-face to avoid miscommunication. But sometimes, having to respond to everything instantaneously can keep you from responding thoughtfully—and this can actually make communication with your partner more prone to misunderstandings. So here are a few conversations that you officially have ...

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