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11 great hairstyles for this season

Want to know which hairstyles, cuts and colors are hot right now? Then this is exactly where you need to be. Whether you’re looking for a total transformation or just a little layering for your hair. Everywhere you turn this season you see different kinds of hairstyles and some of us are are either confused on the hairstyle to make or we don’t know anyone to try out. Below are some hairstyles you could try out.
1. A mid-length bob
midlenght bob












2. A wavy weave

wavy weav









3. A straight weave

straight weave









4. A ponytail










5. Long natural curls

long nautral curls











6. Brushed cornrows

brushed conrows











7. Coloured weaves

coloured weaves


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8. Crochet braids

crotech braids












9.   Free curls

free curls












10. Faux locs

fuax locks









11. Afro curls

afro curls

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